Fitness Client Rosie Knight

Testimonial From Rosie Knight

I was really bad with asthma/copd I have rhuematisim in hip and feet. I was massively overweight. Ollie has helped me so so much from helping with my breathing and motivating me in the bestest way to loose weight. The orthapedic surgeon was quite shocked my my range of movement. He said I have a better range of movement than I should have given the severity of my condition.

We are working towards getting me as 'fit' as possible ready for my operation.

Ollie is so encouraging and if I feel I cant do something, he will go away and work on that problem so he finds I way I can do it, this has really really taken away all my trepidation about going to a gym. Simply knowing I can contact Ollie whenver I need to is a great help. He is now helping me with my nutrition and has put togther the easiest programme that I can use as a meal planner, it does all the hard work for me and is yet another tool that I can use in my quest to be healthier.

Im sorry is this sounds like a TV selling ad, but honestly if I hadnt met Ollie I know Id still be struggling with my health and my weight.