The best way for you to really understand what we do is by seeing the stories of other who are already working with us.


Here is a selection of some of our clients who were kind enough to share their experiences with us .

Katie Dryden-


I’ve been working with Ollie to shift the weight I gained during pregnancy and to improve my overall strength and flexibility. I also wanted to improve my body confidence after all changes my body has gone through to nurture and grow my son.

After the birth of my little boy, I was diagnosed with post natal depression so doing regular exercise has been a really important addition to my routine. Working with Ollie has helped improve my mental well-being and not just because of the exercise; Ollie is a very positive, encouraging person to be around!

Ollie is also patient and supportive but he’ll push you hard when you need it. I’ve already lost two inches from my waist, hips and thighs after just four weeks of training with him and I am seeing great improvement in strength, flexibility and muscle tone. I’m very happy with the results I’ve achieved so far and I’m looking forward to setting the next goals.

Austin Allen-

I have been working with Ollie since July 2017 and he has proven to be a very talented PT. He is attentive to your personal training needs and develops a training schedule to suit them. His approach to training is always fun and he always has an alternative approach if things get a little too much. I have developed in all areas requested since I started training with Ollie and will hopefully continue to do so. I would fully recommend Ollie as an instructor and really have enjoyed his tuition.

Austin Allen Flexibility
Austin Allen Flexibility Improvement

Above is 2 images showing the progress on Austins recent goal of trying to increase his flexibility the difference as you can see is dramatic, whats even more crazy is that we managed to get this much improvement in just 15 minutes of stretching! Its not always hard work, smart work also pays off!

Rosie Knight-

I was really bad with asthma/copd I have rhuematisim in hip and feet. I was massively overweight. Ollie has helped me so so much from helping with my breathing and motivating me in the bestest way to loose weight. The orthapedic surgeon was quite shocked my my range of movement . He said I have a better range of movement than I should have given the severity of my condition.

We are working towards getting me as 'fit' as possible ready for my operation.
Ollie is so encouraging and if I feel I cant do something, he will go away and work on that problem so he finds I way I can do it, this has really really taken away all my trepidation about going to a gym. Simply knowing I can contact Ollie whenver I need to is a great help. He is now helping me with my nutrition and has put togther the easiest programme that I can use as a meal planner, it does all the hard work for me and is yet another tool that I can use in my quest to be healthier.
Im sorry is this sounds like a TV selling ad, but honestly if I hadnt met Ollie I know Id still be struggling with my health and my weight.

To give some context to this image and video this is Rosie post op completing a gentle lunges and quad stretchs. Go back 3 months just getting onto 1 knee on the floor would have been incredibly painful and taxing, let alone sitting down in this pose. She has come on in leaps and bounds with her recovery and training. With her upper body strength she gives the men a run for their money too!

Vicky Willcocks-

Throughout this year, I have learnt a lot about myself and about how to use the gym equipment, I have come to enjoy going to the gym for my sessions both on my own and with my personal trainer. I have learnt a lot about what types of exercises are the most beneficial to me and I've seen a big improvement both in the weight I can lift now compared to when I started and in myself physically. I couldn't have done it without the continued support and input from Ollie, he's helped me push myself beyond what I ever thought I could acheive. As a result I have come to think of him as a friend more than just my personal trainer. This helps me greatly when coming to sessions, as I thoroughly enjoy seeing the results I can acheive with his input.

Helena Chambers- Thanks to Ollie's impressive knowledge and encouragement and the exercises he set to improve a shoulder injury, I now have a shoulder that is back to normal, reduced "batwings" and no longer need to go to chiro. Result! Extremely proud of you Ollie.

Helena Chambers
Virgil Engelbert-
Morning Ollie, apologies for the late email, works been a bit manic this week. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the support and effort you made so I can take those steps closer to achieving my goal. Like I told you towards the end of last year, I managed to lose 10kg in weight over a period of 3-4 months.
This was noticed by myself and many friends and family. I'd also like to thank you for the personalised 3 workouts that you've issued me to work on, so I can continue with my goals. Hope all is well well and hopefully see you soon.

Ian Banabau-

Hi mate I want to say a big thank you you've really helped me with my shoulder and confidence, I came to you not even getting my arm above my head from dislocating it 3 times, and now a month later with your help I can, i could of looked at programs myself but I wouldn't of had a clue having someone there walk through it really was good, I'm looking forward to more sessions you thanks.

Kim Rose- Had PT with Ollie. Super knowledgable, knows his stuff. Definitely booking again

Philip Brewer-

Ollie has been great to me. Wish I could say the same the other way round. But when we get together Ollie drives my standards up. My knowledge of fitness will continue to grow thanks to Ollie.

Ann Kelly-

Really friendly, and good helping you get to the goals you’ve set!

Daniel Ashton- Great trainer, works at a comfortable pace. Really helped with everything would recommend for sure!!!!!