This blog is designed to give you all the tools you need to start your own Vegan Health and fitness Journey. It will cover NUTRITION, EXERCISE and LIFESTYLE. This is the trifecta to success in health and fitness. I completed a year vegan in 2018 but even though I enjoyed many benefits I stopped due to feeling ill from not being able to eat enough with my lifestyle. At the time I was trying to gain mass which unfortunately is harder on a vegan diet due to many factors. The first is that certain macro nutrients are less dense in non processed and vegan good compared to refined products like sugar, meat and dairy. This means you have to eat more in weight to get the same amount on nutrients. The second problem is the one I struggled with. It is also the reason I have started this blog. Vegan food isn’t so readily available from restaurants, small shops and even the choice in supermarkets is more limited. Even when restaurants do have vegan food they are not always particularly balanced meals. I want to help solve that problem with the solutions I have made from my own struggle. That is where the NUTRITION section comes in. I’m building this section to help you cook 1 meal or less a day if you prepare your meals in batch using MEAL PREP. Learn about what you should eat and how much using our NUTRITION STARTER Section (coming soon) then select meals from the collection in the blog. Free yourself from the limitations of cooking multiple times a day and be able to travel with your meals ready to heat and eat designed for your physique and performance goals.

NUTRITION I have put this Category together to help those out who want to start taking action on preparing their own healthy meals at home but struggle due to lacking the recipes and the cooking know how. I’m a Personal Trainer, not a Chef, so I like to spend as little time preparing my meals as possible whilst also maintaining a good ratio for MACRO NUTRITION. For those who don’t know what macro nutrition is, do not worry. We have a section named NUTRITION STARTER we are developing that will teach you all you have to know. This section has 2 different sections. MEAL PREP RECIPES and NUTRITION INFORMATION.

EXERCISE  This section covers basic WORKOUTS and EXERCISE INFORMATION to get you started or to focus on a particular aspect such as female fat loss or male ab building routines. There will also be workouts that I have prescribed to current or previous clients. All these routines will yield results but nothing is better than a personalised routine that is revised regularly to maximise your results. If you want to take your training and progress to another level then contact us for an online consultation to get on board on one of our results guaranteed personal training schemes.

LIFESTYLE In this Section we cover the elements of fitness outside of the gym an nutrition as well as ways of building a good balance throughout your life. Lifestyle is the most important section to work on to make sure you can maintain and enjoy your results without letting it take over your life.

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