What We Do

With our trainers combined knowledge base summing up from research, education and personal experience we have developed a wide range of information to give our clients the most effective way to train towards their goals.

We also take great attention to each individual client and their personal needs. The whole point of personal training is that its PERSONAL!

More and more we realise that every individual has different responses to the same stimuli (training, nutrition, etc.) Through previous work, we have found then natural trends between most of our clients and studies collected on fitness. However, each programme needs to be put under the microscope to make sure that it is optimised for the specific client.

This is where OJC Fitness in, using our holistic approach we will develop workout programmes and nutrition with you rather than for you! This means you can find and keep exercises that you like. Eat the food that you love, and live the lifestyle you choose so you look and feel great!

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Message From Trainer Ollie Chambers…

“In any case the best exercise is the exercise you will actually do! Too many people just find a plan online, make their own or have another haphazard trainer give them a cookie cutter programme with no character, no flare and more than often no results.

After a while is it inevitable that you will stop, loose all of your results, and once again fall into the traps of unhealthy, unhappy living.”

– Ollie Chambers, Founder of OJC Fitness


Fitness Client Vicky Willcocks

I couldn't have done it without the continued support and input from Ollie, he's helped me push myself beyond what I ever thought I could achieve. As a result I have come to think of him as a friend more than just my personal trainer. This helps me greatly when coming to sessions, as I thoroughly enjoy seeing the results I can achieve with his input.

Vicky Willcocks