This is a super easy Vegan Friendly Meal Prep providing around 35g-40g of protein per serving without an overload of carbs and very low fats.

The meal takes 30 mins to cook but it takes barely any physical work other than making sure stuff doesn’t boil over or burn in the oven.

Ingredient List

  • 2 Packs of Lynda MCartney regular Sausages
  • Half a Broccoli
  • A 200g pack of Asparagus
  • 250g-500g of Potatoes
Vegan Sausages, Potatoes and Greens
Cooking Vegan Sausages, Potatoes and Greens
  1. Take all your sausages and put them on a baking tray and enter into the oven at heat specified by the box.

    Note: Other sausages can be used of course. However be aware that real meat sausages are from in my experience in every case i have found are lower in Protein and higher in fats. From a purely nutritional point of view you are better off eating the vegan sausages no matter you ethical views.
  2. Cut and chop up veg appropriately  so it will boil off either in separate pots or like in my example (because I’m a lazy PT not a CHEF!) I stick em all in the same pot. Remember that potatoes if not cut into smaller sections will take a lot longer to boil in the middle.
  3. Around half way through sausages being cooked remember to turn them a little so they don’t crisp up and get stuck to the tray. Other than that, wait until veg and sausages are fully cooked and then get ready to serve!

This will provide enough for 3 meals with 4 sausages in each bringing in most of the protein to 36g. If you are eating larger meals then feel free to go for 6 in a meal to get 54g of protirn. Depending if your aiming for gains, maintenance or cutting control the potatoes portions so you can keep on the right level. This meal does not contain very much fats at all so if required to boost them up add sauces such as mayo (vegan varieties apply too).

So there you go! Another super easy meal prep for you.

These meals are great for on the go in stored in meal by meal microwavable boxes. Keep frozen or fridge fresh!

Meal Prep Microwavable Boxes