Spaghetti bolognese is an easy classic which is essentially 3 ingredients then added elements for flavour. The main ones here are Vegan Mince, which can be replaced with a protein alternative if you like, pasta and chopped tomatoes.

The veg I added as extras for this meal can be changed if it does not suit your taste. Today I used my top 3 Onion, Mushrooms peppers plus some spinach. This meal I used regular pasta but I do recommend using wholewheat as an option too. 

Ingredients list

1 Whole pack of Tesco Vegan Mince (or protein alternative)

1 Red Onion

1 Regular Onion

2 Peppers

200g Mushrooms

1 Tin of Chopped Tomatoes

200g-400g of Pasta

Today I added mixed herbs as well as a squeezed lemon and lime


  1. Bring some water to the boil, add it to a pan along with the pasta and put on a light heat to simmer.
  2.  Add some oil to a non-stick wok pan. Chop up veg in the order of onions, peppers then mushrooms. Add whichever other veg you like here too. 

  3. Once the veg has cooked add in your protein option. In my example I am using the Tesco Vegan mince. Make sure you know your quantities if you decide to use a different option by using a nutrition calculator such as ours that we provide to our clients.

4. Add in your herbs and spices you have chosen. I took this opportunity to add mixed herbs and my lemon and lime juice. If you have a quick cooking leafy veg or similar ingredient such as spinach this is the best moment to add it.

5. After a short time you can add the last thing which is the chopped tomatoes. I recommend trying different varieties to keep things interesting or even adding some fresh chopped tomatoes if you want to bring through some more flavour.

6. Your all done! Serve up, store up and enjoy. This will give you enough for 4 full 40g+ Protein portions that are best stacked up in meal per meal boxes like in my example.

Its simple, effective and allows for a lot of editing to make it suit your taste or just give you a chance to spice up a simple go to meal.

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