After my first time making these tacos they have already become a favourite of mine. As usual it’s super easy to make, it doesn’t take too long and you can customise things if you want to.

In this recipe variant I have used vegan mince from Tesco but other protein alternatives are good as well.


1. 1 Pack of Tesco Vegan Mince

2. 1 onion

3. 1 Pepper

4. 2 Large Tomatoes

5. 1 Tesco Taco pack


1. Add some oil to a large pan and then place the mince in. Defrost and heat through the mince before adding anything else. 

2. What are the mince is defrosted and heating up in the pan start cutting up the vegetables ready to add in e.g. the onions and the peppers.




3. What’s the mince has cooked through add the vegetables you have just chopped. After the vegetables have cooked off as well and the powder mix with in the taco packet to the pan as well.

4. Put the taco shells on a baking tray and place in a preheated oven for 2 to 3 minutes. Only use no number of tacos required for the meal at hand! If being meal prepped you can actually eat them uncooked no problems.

Be careful on this one guys! I managed to burn my tacos on the first time preparing this but it did work out OK to eat.

Enjoy my awkwardly flipped image of my toasted taco!

5. With the mix and tacos now heating up cut up the lettuce and tomatoes ready to add as a salad at the end.

Prepare the salsa in  a bowl if required. ( Only take out what you need if its meal prep! cant put it back in the bag but you can keep it in!

If you want to add some extras like guacamole or some grated cheese or alt cheese prep that now too.

Once you are happy with how cooked your mix and tacos are serve up an enjoy!

This will provide you with 12 tacos which if portioned correctly with the mix should provide 3 high protein meals with 4 tacos each.

When it comes to meal prep storage, keep the mix in a single large tub. Take what is needed and heat up in a bowl before then just add your tacos as side dresses as you go. Keep things simple if on the go. Mix in one microwavable box. Tacos in a bag or box, salsa resealed in the bag. Boom.

Other 30 minute Meal Prep done.