Easy as **** meal prep that takes much less than 30 mins with easily 30-40g servings of protein and minimal washing up.

Love this one. Definitely my personal favourite for taste and simplicity thus far through this blog. Things can change, there is 1 in particular I want to bring to you guys soon from my partner Alex. Today we have kebab wraps, really do taste similar if not better than a takeaway late night Kofte kebab wrap. The option we have is a vegan meat alternative which is what we are measuring the protein availability using.

Remember you are free to use other indigence if you wish, just remember to consider the difference it may make to the macros. I get my clients to make their own macro targets using my macro calculator I have made. There are many  different ones out there on the internet if you wish to search for them. I encourage you to check the changes you make to the meals using one of these to make sure you hit your targets.

Ingredient List

  1.  2 Onions (Obviously :))
  2.  1 Peppers
  3.  400g Mushrooms
    add or change veg options
  4. 3 packs of Oumph! Kebab Spiced 280g
  5. Soft tortilla Wraps


  1. Get a big O’l Wok Pan or similar large hob worthy option. Fill that baby with a little oil and heat up the pan. Start chopping up your Onions, peppers and mushrooms in respective order.

    Note 1 – As soon as you finish chopping them add immediately to the wok.This will get you through a little quicker if like me, you want to save time.

    Note 2 – In retrospect meal can be completed ever faster if the 2nd step in the cooking in a separate pan. Instructions are however the same.

2. At his point you need to empty the veg into a storage container ready for serving or storage. Use the same wok pan to cook off all the of the Kebab mix starting with a gentle heat.

Slowly defrost the kebab pieces, do not rush this part. Slowly turn up the heat as it defrosts so it it cooked to your preference. I personally like mine crispy on the outside by cooking them heavily. However if you heat it up too fast you can easily burn the outside but some are still frozen.

3. At this stage all you have to do is serve. We used Tesco’s own brand Vegan Mayonnaise, but feel free to use others as usual if your please. Apparently Hellmanns has a new vegan mayo that is better.

I decided to add some cheese style stuff here. I haven’t counted this in the protein portions for those adding real cheese. Check those macros!


1) Put your veg, kebab mix, sauce and cheese in the middle of your wrap.
2) Fold the bottom up First!
3) Then fold up the Sides!
4) Enjoy!!!

There is loads of ways of chopping and changing this to be a completely different meal. Replace the protein, plus a new sauce and you could have peri peri wraps.

Yet another easy bit of meal prep for you guys again. When it comes to storage you want to keep the veg mix and the kebab strips separate to stop the kebab pieces losing their satisfying crispness. Wraps should come with a resealable bag if you also get yours from Aldi. When you want to eat just pile the veg and kebab pieces on a wrap on a plate in the microwave and heat for about a minute.