A simple 30 minute recipe and cooking guide for 3/4 portions of any Indian style curry designed by a personal trainer for Health and Fitness.

I have put this blog together to help those out who want to start taking action on preparing their own healthy meals at home but struggle due to lacking the recipes and the cooking know how. I’m a Personal Trainer, not a Chef, so I like to spend as little time preparing my meals as possible whilst also maintaining a good ratio for MACRO NUTRITION.

For those who don’t know what macro nutrition is, do not worry. If you simply follow the recipe and instructions you feel the benefits of a well balanced meal without having to understand the details.

Ingredient List

  • 2 Jars of Curry Sauce
  • 2 Packs of Tesco Vegan Chicken Style pieces
  • 1 Large Onion
  • 2 Red Onions
  • 2 Pepper
  • 300g of Mushrooms
  • 200-400g of rice (More for when putting on weight, less for cutting
  • Additional extras: Lemon squeezed into rice, Lime squeezed into curry
Indian Curry
Indian Curry Preparation


  1. Cut up and add all veg to a large non-stick wok style pan after adding oil. Its best to cut and add the veg as you go cooking off the more stubborn veggies early one. So cut up the Onions, Peppers then Mushrooms.
  2. Follow up by getting the water boiled and pour it into a pot to boil the rice. If you have a steamer steam some broccoli over the top.
  3. Add your protein option the the vegetables next, in this case I used vegan chicken pieces due to my preference but feel free to use any lean alternatives you wish.
  4. Simply add spinach to the curry mix when its nearly all cooked through.

Extra: At this point I squeezed some left over lime the curry mix and a lemon into the rice. Didn’t make too much difference using half each on the batch. I recommend trying using a whole fruit if you really want to change the flavour.

At this point I changed the curry mix in to 2 separate cooking pans as I intended to make 2 different types of curry. This is an option you can do to if you wish to have some more variety.

  1. Mix the curry sauce of choice into the curry mix. Almost there!
  2. Drain off the rice, and broccoli, take everything off the heat once you are satisfied and prepare to serve and store.
Curry Sauce
Indian Curry

Find what storage option is best for you. If your taking them out of the home stack them as tub meals so its all ready to go once heated up. If at home it may be more convenient space wise to keep curry and rice in large separate containers so you can conserve space and just fill a bowl when reheating.

I recommend enjoying with poppadoms if you can afford the extra calories when bulcking, there is a lot of protein and fats in those bad boiiz to snack on.

And they are vegan too!

So there you go. A simple 30 minute meal prep meal for you. This provides around 3/4 portions depending on your size and goals.