Our Mission At OJC Fitness…

Health and fitness is becoming more and more important in the 21st century. People are looking for effective and long-term fitness solutions.

At OJC Fitness we believe that challenging yourself in this day and age of luxury and comfort brings great reward and euphoria. We also believe this experience has no barrier to entry, that no one is too weak or big, too uncoordinated or injured. The only limitations are the ones which you put on yourself.

We aim to help you remove the barriers that stop you becoming who you want to be with 1-2-1 Guidance and Online Training.

Client Stories

Fitness Client Rosie Knight

Rosie Knight

I was really bad with asthma/copd I have rhuematisim in hip and feet. I was massively overweight....

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Fitness Client Vicky Willcocks

Vicky Willcocks

Throughout this year, I have learnt a lot about myself and about how to use the gym equipment, I ...

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Fitness Client Austin Allen

Austin Allen

I have been working with Ollie since July 2017 and he has proven to be a very talented PT. He is ...

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I’m Ollie Chambers, a Vegan Personal Trainer living in Wiltshire England with the dream of living in a world where everyone is fit and in control of their health. This website has been designed to give you help getting started or continuing on your vegan fitness journey.

I have created a Blog you can find at the top menu bar of my site what gives free general nutrition, workout and lifestyle advice.

If you are looking for extra help or personalised workout and nutrition plans and personal training then you can contact us via our website using the message box at the bottom of every main page.

What Do We Do…

We don’t only like to train our clients. We aim to teach you all the information and the action you need to take to get results by yourself. We only are here to coach and guide you along the way. For the last 3 years we have been teaching people in 1-2-1 and class environments. However over time I started to see the limitations on me. Even when I was fully booked up with clients and my classes were so full I had to cram extra people into the room past capacity I didn’t feel like I was having a big enough effect. At the end of 2018 I started coaching online so I wasn’t limited by the distance I and my clients could travel. What I didn’t expect was how much better the results were for my online clients. They progressed much faster and gained better results. The difference was I was teaching these people how to train themselves. Rather than relying on me to push them to complete their workout routines and cook their meals they took the information and tools given and used to keep them accountable and answer questions when they have problems.

1. The Path

The first part of any journey is knowing where you are going. Funnily enough this is where most people go wrong. Most people have weak goals such as lose weight or get big. Usually, with these vague goals people fail to feel like they ever achieved anything in the gym.

Goals you set with us need to be measurable Physique Goal such as losing 9 lbs in 6 weeks or train to gain 4 kg of muscle in 3 months.

On top of this we will work with you to set Performance Goals to chase as well. Initially if you are not familiar to exercise you will find some things you love and other you hate. We encourage you to work on your favourite moves but also remembering to work on your weaknesses, not neglect them.

We also take great attention to each individual client and their personal needs. The whole point of personal training is that its personal. If you have an injury or illness that will affect elements of your programme we will help as long as we are working within our scope of practice.

Testimonial from Ian Banabau:

Hi mate. I want to say a big thank you. You’ve really helped me with my shoulder and confidence. I came to you not even getting my arm above my head from dislocating it 3 times and now a month later with your help I can. I could of looked at programs myself but I wouldn’t of had a clue having someone there walk through it really was good. I’m looking forward to more sessions with you.

Fitness Training With Client In Trowbridge, Wiltshire

2. Constructing The Plan

After you have set your goals so you know where you are going you now need to plan your route. This will build out from a programme optimised for your Physique Goal then modified for your Performance Goals and any other requirements.

Remember that is is just the start of the Journey at this point. Along the way things will progress, directions will have to be changed and the goals may move. Your nutrition and work out plans will reflect this as you continue.

You will be given the resources you need to record your workouts and your nutritional information so you and your trainer can keep you on track. It is super important to record everything accurately as you train so when you encounter a problem (because you will) we can identify and combat it.

3. The Long Game

This is the most important element to our training. Invest yourself for the long game or don’t do it at all. Yes your reason for getting into shape may be for that special wedding day or for a holiday in a few months time. This does not mean that you should hit your goal, go on holiday and return to your old ways.

I want you get results and not only keep them, but continue to improve. To enjoy the process as much as the results. This is all about forging a vision of your future and enjoying the journey. You will spend a lot more time setting and chasing new goals rather than you will enjoying your victories, but that is what makes those moments so sweet.

This is what OJC Fitness is all about. We want you to be as excited for your next workout or meal as you are about the day you smash those goals. Its a lifestyle change that will completely transform your mindset and your body.

We offer results based training. This means if you follow all of the programs and guidance given to you only to have made no progress within 8 weeks for personal training or group training / 4 weeks for classes we will offer a full refund. Yes, we are that confident we can get you results we can do that.

If your ready to make the choice for a healthier lifestyle today fill out an Application Form below to book in for a consultation.